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My Offline also as an Online
Service via Zoom or Phone

The psychic accompaniment but also the automatic writings as well as the trance healing sessions can also take place at a distance and I am happy to offer them by telephone or video telephony as well.

You can find my services, which I also offer remotely, here:

Personal 1:1 Support

Do you need a change of perspective, more clarity or transformation in your life? Sign up for a coaching session to dive deeper into your consciousness and soul. This offer can also be made remotely and I offer it worldwide and online via video telephony or telephone.

Psychic Support lead by Clairevoyance, Clairecognizance and Clairesentience

You experience deep healing and clarification on all levels in a trance healing, in which hands are laid on and the spiritual world can also speak through the medium. Scallar waves are also popular. In this context, disturbing external energies are also recognized, uncovered and, if possible, transcended. This offer can also be done remotely and I offer worldwide. 

Trancehealing - More than Energy Work

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Vouchers For All Services

A combination of several services is possible. The vouchers are transferrable and valid electronically. Many offers are also possible online via zoom or telephone.