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Trancereading & Psychic Coaching

When you book a trance reading or coaching with me, we always illuminate the topic or topics from all perspectives. I use my wire upwards to other dimensions as well as my pronounced clairvoyant senses to dive into your higher- and subconscious with you. Depending on the person and the concern, it will be about clarification, process work, dissolution of beliefs, healing and much more that influences you as a person. Whatever prevents you from doing it, we'll go on this journey together and find out. A combination with trance healing is also possible and rounds off a conversation wonderfully. This offer is also possible over distance via video telephony or by telephone.

Your profit

More Understanding, Self-Confidence and Trust

Bring Yourself and Thus Your Life into a Flow

Forgiveness, Peace & Balance within You & Your Life

Relieve of Pain Through Finding the Reason & its Transformation

Price per hour CHF 120.00

Image by Andressa Voltolini

Dissolution of Blockages and Beliefs
Insights into Why You're Going Around in Circles

and How to Implement it in Everyday Life

Creating Clarity and Balance

Development and Expansion of Conciousness

Emotional, Mental, Energetic & Physical Detox

Clearing up Old Things and Getting to Know Your Akash Better

About the Session

How I work
The difference between psychcic work versus regular coaching is the tools used. In psychic coachings, no classic psychotherapeutic tools are used, but as the name suggests, one's own mediumship, clairsentience and other higher abilities, the contact with the higher self, the soul and the inclusons of other subtle, spiritual levels and dimensions are used.


There is more to humans than flesh and blood; we are made up of multiple layers, on multiple levels, that exist outside of flesh and blood. In this cluster of mind-consciousness-soul-emotions, we dive together to make the invisible and the unconscious more conscious and clear.


What is a psychic perception?
In the case of psychic perception, the medium connects with you as a whole in order to retrieve information from your Aura & your soul, in order to look into you as a whole being. Your akash, past, parallel, future lives can also be found there as well as your imprints and your patterns from the present life. 


In  a psychic perception, the medium connects with beings of the spiritual world and / or with one's own higher self, one's own soul. But often also with your own or with the spiritual team of the other human. Spirit beings and the higher self, complement the range of perceptions of us humans, make it more holistic, givinh a broader and wider perspective, help and inspire, for what you need as a human being. In trance, an altered state of consciousness, it is also possible for the spiritual world to speak through the medium. This connection may sometimes be completely "unspectacular" to the outside, so that you may not even notice this, thus with an experienced trance medium which speaks in half trance and with open eyes.


What we do together in a coaching session

In conversation we get an idea of ​​what is there. Above all, where are your strengths, where are the pumps and what can you do. The focus does not remain on the problem, the unclear or the weaknesses, but on the transformation and your strengths. Often you take a detour or get stuck somewhere instead of grabbing things straight away. This is not a bad thing per se, but sometimes an experience that goes with it. Sometimes the focus is not in the right place or one sinks too much into an emotion and is feeling stuck there. The variations of tools and aids are so diverse, that what is right for one person and helps, is insignificant for the next. I will help, by finding the tools for you that will help you so that you not only find your way back into your trust and start empower yourself, but also start helping yourself. If possible, I always give tasks for everyday life, that help, to resolve patterns and blockages and / or to recognize them. In the end you are your own guru, I am the helping hand.


I heartily recommend Anja. Through her Trance Healing & Coaching she helped me to let go of an ex-partner better. I was able to travel back in time with her and see why I am so firmly attached to this person. That helped me to accept this and to classify it correctly in the present life.

Anja gave me a trance session for a private matter. Anja doesn't know anything about my darkest niches in my soul - my stumbling blocks in personal development, my imprints, patterns and blockages. Anja and her spiritual team gave me a trance session, which hit me deep inside my soul. It has shown and circumscribed details - clarifications - connections - and put them together in such a way that I understand them and they support me on my further path or decision. I have received specific instructions on where I am challenged in my development - what the challenges mean for me personally - and how I can / can deal with it.It has been a few years since I received such precise coaching for my soul development. Anja, I thank you from the bottom of my heart - you are a great trance medium!

"The quality of time in the present is very similar to a balloon ride.

To gain altitude or one

To reach a higher frequency, you sometimes have to shed ballast."

Roger Mattle

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