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Wirken auf allen Ebenen

Wahrnehmung, Erkenntnis, Klarheit und Transformation der gespeicherten Energien, Prägungen und Muster. Wir schauen was das ist bei dir. In den Heilbehandlungen gehen wir in die Wahrnehmung aller Existenz-Ebenen (Körper, Emotionen, Geist-Verstand und Seelische Ebene). Durch meditative Zustände (Trancezustände) dimmen wir den frontalen Kortex (Verstand-logisches Denken), sodass sich die Wahrnehmung erweitern kann. Ich arbeite auch mit Skallarwellen und in Dodekaeder eingefassten Heilsteinen.

Das Wirken mit dem Körper-und Seelenbewusstsein, das Lösen von gespeicherten, manchmal auch blockierter Energien im physischen und feinstofflichen Körper, das bewusste verbinden des  physischen mit dem feinstofflichen Körper sowie den inspirativen, verbindenden und erklärenden Botschaften die Bestandteil einer Heilbehandlung sind, kann zu wahrer Transformation, Verständnis und Klarheit führen.

Preis: 1h / 130.00

Vor Ort in Bern, Schweiz oder als Fernbehandlung möglich

Feedback einer Kundin
„Hmmm, also ich habe etwas Muskelkater rund ums Herz/Lunge, als müssten dort nun wieder ganz viele Muskeln arbeiten, die jetzt über Monate "eingeengt waren". So fühlt es sich gerade an. ABER ich geniesse meine zurückgekehrte Atemfreiheit enorm.
Im Bauch hat es gegurgelt, gemacht und getan. Wie schon lange nicht mehr... Als wäre dort nun endlich "alles verdaut" worden. Und ich war gestern im Büro und hatte zwei drei sehr anspruchsvolle Situationen und mein Körper hat nicht mehr mit Zittern reagiert. Also ich bin wirklich beeindruckt und fühle wieder ein Ankommen bei mir Selbst.
Nochmals ganz herzlichen Dank!"

To be healed - to be whole


To be whole means to be one (to be in harmony) with God, with others, with yourself, with nature and with the moment.


He who falls out of this wholeness becomes ill. Thus, the self-realized, the unfolded person is the healthy person.

Our western medical science has now found around 35,000 names for the mortal enemy disease.


So it is waging a multi-front war, as it were a 35 000 front war.

The Eastern art of healing basically knows only one name for illness: balance disturbance in the energy balance.

Ernst Stuermer, Asian healing arts

Für wen ist eine solche Behandlung geeignet?

In a trancehealing, the medium connects with his or her spiritual team but also sometimes with the ones of the client. In contrast to verbal coachings and Trancereadings, the recipient lies on a lounger or sits, the hands are placed on various parts of the body or the aura is worked on. Sometimes the healing happens silently, sometimes the spirit world speaks through the medium. Other phenomena can occur as well. I also work with scallar waves.


Spirit beings complete the spectrum of perception of us humans, making it more holistic, giving a further perspective, help as well as inspirational source and support healing for what you need as a human being. Tips for healing can be given, but other information of all kinds can also be transmitted.


Who is trancehealing for? It is for everyone and for everything, as it is all-encompassing and impacts at every level of existence. Regardless of whether you have physical, mental, energetic or emotional complaints or simply questions, the healing takes place on all levels, as everything is intertwined. It is an experience and an immersion in oneself, in a reflection of one's own field. You may experience and feel here even more intensely than in verbal coachings, as a lot happens here through quiet experiencing and feeling on an emotional and spiritual level, without talking. An experience from the observer's perspective can also bring a lot of clarity. The appearance of your spirit animals / your spiritual guidance is possible. Topics from this or overlapping topics from other lives can arise. It is therefore not restricted to this life and is also immersed in the Akash and the ancestral history.


Trancehealing (For forest healing see description below)


60 minutes

Preliminary discussion with general assessment, what is the topic or are there specific questions.

Healing with laying on of hands and sometimes also of crystals, for about 25-30 minutes. Healing can be done silently. But sometimes the spirit world speaks additionally during this time. Fallow up talk: what was seen, experienced or felt and there may be any inspired tips for recovery too.



The business times can be found in the main menu "Location". To make an appointment, please contact me by email or phone.  Trancehaeling works over distance as good as in person. Therefore this service is offered worldwide.

Payment / Conditions

Cash / TWINT / PayPal

Payment can be made in cash, by TWINT or PayPal, the amount is due immediately. Please bring the amount as exactly as possible when paying with cash.

Missed appointments or appointments that are canceled less than 24 hours in advance must be charged 100%. Exceptions are cases where gaps can be filled spontaneously. Exceptions are also family emergencies / accidents, in which of course no amount is charged.

Image by Matthew Smith

Trance healing
in the forest

In the warmer months I offer you healing sessions in the forest in Switzerland. We have a nice tea, a good conversation and a deep going healing with the power of the forest.




The basic description of trancehealing can be found at the top of this website. In the forest we feel the power of nature even better than in an interior space and can thus consciously connect even more intensely with the forces of nature and especially the beautiful and healing energies of the forest on the forest floor and on a cozy blanket. Nature has an incredible and loving way of purifying, harmonizing and transforming. Healing in nature is something very special.

Talking, Meditating, Healing & Drinking Tea

Before we start with the healing, we will make a brief assessment of the situation by discussing what the current topic or topics are for the healing. We drink a cold or warm tea together and if you wish you can book a short meditation of 20-30 minutes, where we consciously connect with the forces of nature or, if you like, we do a trance exercise together where I guide you to sink into a altered state of consciousness . When booking a forest healing, we will briefly discuss these details and your wishes.


There are two possibilities:

Either you have a nice place in the forest where you would like to have a healing and which is in the vicinity of Bern

or I would be happy to suggest various options in the Bern region and also in the direction of Murten / Freiburg. We will also clarify that, when you book a session and I am sure, that we will end up in a nice place. We meet at the agreed meeting point and then go together to the chosen forest area.

Price & Payment

Package 1:

Short preliminary talk, tea, healing of 30 minutes, total 45 minutes

CHF 90.00


Package 2:

Short preliminary talk, tea, healing of 30 minutes, follow-up coaching of 20-30 minutes, total approx. 1 hour

CHF 120.00


Package 3:

Short preliminary talk, tea, guided mediation or trance of 20-30 minutes, healing of 30 minutes, total approx. 1 hour

CHF 120.00


Package 4:

Short preliminary talk, tea, guided mediation or trance of 20-30 minutes, healing of 30 minutes,

Follow-up discussion of 20-30 minutes, total approx. 1 hour 45 minutes

CHF 180.00

You can pay in cash, by TWINT or PayPal, the amount is due immediately. Please bring the amount with you as precisely as possible when paying in cash


Image by Benjamin Salvatore

To be healed means all aspects of ourselves

work together as a single whole.

Helen Gamborg

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