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Automatic writing

An automatic writing is another way of giving an oral expression to the spiritual realms as well as to our higher self which is a part of our soul. Here, too, the medium puts itself into an altered state of consciousness, in a trance to be a channel. Automatic Writtings can provide answers to specific questions but can also provide general inspiration for all areas of life.

When booking an Automatic Writting, specific questions can be asked in advance. This is not a have to. The letters are usually 2-5 A4 pages long and are then sent to you as a PDF File. If you would like to make a gift to someone, who is looking forward for a letter of this kind, you can buy a voucher. The recipient can then contact me and give me the starting shot for doing the letter.

Price: depending on the length CHF 60.00-120.00

Image by Álvaro Serrano

Inspirationen aus anderen Sphären



Contact me and give me a topic that you would like an automatic writting about. A general letter can also be written in which a life situaton analysis is written on all life issues and important topics.


To place an order, I ask you to contact me by email or phone. The letter will be written without your presence and then sent to you by email.

Payment / Conditions

Cash / TWINT / PayPal

Pay by TWINT, bank transfer or PayPal, the amount is due when the letter is sent to you. You will receive the account details with the transmission of the letter.

Image by Ava Sol
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