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My 1:1 Offline 
as an Online Service


  • Ab 16. Dezember 2022

  • 1x im Monat

  • Jeweils Freitag Abend

  • 19.00-21.00 Uhr

Um eine Möglichkeit zu schaffen, sich auszutauschen aber auch um uns mit unserem Bewusstsein zu befassen, zu schulen, zu spüren und zu erleben, gibt es ab November 2022, einmal im Monat am Freitag Abend einen Zoom Event.

Image by Gabriel Benois

Diese Zooms sind in der ersten Zeit auf Spendenbasis. Ein regelmässiges Teilnehmen ist nicht vorgegeben, schön aber, wenn du gerne immer wieder mit dabei bist.

Mögliche Themen der Zooms:

  • Meditieren

  • Sitting in the Power mit höherem Selbst/ der Seele oder Geistführer

  • Fragen-Antworte -Runden, z.B. über: Bewusstsein, Medialität, Sensitivität,
    Hellsinne, Dimensionsebenen, Existenzebenen, Schattenarbeit, Blockaden uvm.

  • Austausch und Gespräche

  • gemeinsam eintauchen in veränderte Bewusstseinszustände

  • Inspiriertes Wirken und Üben in 2 er Gruppen um die eigene Anbindung und den 
    Ausdruck des authentischen Selbstes zu etablieren und zu fördern

  • Training der Hellsinne

  • Verbindung und Kontakt in höheres Bewusstsein, Geistführer usw.

Wenn du darauf Lust hast, egal ob Beginner oder Fortgeschritten, melde dich gern an oder nimm mit mir Kontakt auf, wenn du dazu Fragen hast.

An automatic writing, is another way of giving the spiritual world and one's soul an oral expression. Here, too, the medium shifts itself into a altered state of consciousness, into a trance, to be a channel.


Auotmatic Writings can provide answers to specific questions but also provide general inspiration for all areas of life. It can also happen that instead of written, people speak. In that case you will receive a video message in which the spiritual world speaks directly through me. This is also a form of trance reading just not in a writen form.


The complete description of automatic writings can be found at:


Price depending on length CHF 50.00 -120.00

Automatic Writting

Coachings work just as well without physical presence. At best, the online coaching takes place via video telephony (Skype or Zoom) or, if not possible, by telephone.


Here, too, I can easily connect with you on a spiritual level. Thus, psychic consultations and the abilty to use my clearvoyance are just as efficient as when we sit physically across from each other.


You can find the detailed description under trancereading & psychic coachings:


Price per hour CHF 120.00

Psychic Reading & Coaching

Trancehealings work just as well without physical presence. A trancehealing either takes place at a certain point in time where the client lies down in peace and feels inside, or it is also possible to be in contact by phone during the trancehealing and turn on the loudspeaker so that people or spirit  can speak if necessary. I also  use scallar waves in my healing sessions.


In contrast to conversational coachings, the recipient lies; the healing  can take place in silence with remote healing, but the spiritual world also sometimes speaks through the medium. Other phenomena can also occur.


As in the case of physical presence, a preliminary and / or follow-up conversation is also possible remotely by telephone or video telephony.


The complete description of the healing can be found under the menu bar "Trancehealing":

Price per hour CHF 120.00


Wilde Natur

Online Course
Consciousness High²

with Anja Steiner & Monika Leopold

Harmony - Deep Transformation - Transcendence

Online course "Consciousness High²"

Our life and experience as an individual is based on personal and individual perception. In this online course we go on a journey into our conscious, higher conscious and subconscious fields. We illuminate the mechanisms in the individual human being but also those of a soul and bring the human being and the soul back into one picture in this course. The human being, the physical body as the vehicle of the soul, is part of the soul experience. The soul experiences through being a human, the human body residing within a part of the soul. So is the body in the soul or the soul in the body? It's all a matter of awareness and personal perception. 

Through mindfulness we can expand our conscious field in all directions and train our perception. We can develop in such a way that our perception not only remains in three dimensions but becomes more holistic and rounded, i.e. it develops into multidimensional perception.  

In this course you can expect not only explanations and insightful views, but also a wide variety of exercises and tools, all of which serve to deepen and broaden your individual perception and conscious field. 

In this context we will also delve deeper into the energetic and invisible fields of the universe and consciousness and see what we can encounter there. We achieve a broader, deeper and higher perception by consciously turning to life and ourselves and immersing ourselves in the experience and reflection.  Another exciting topic will be our clairvoyance, our superpowers, and beings from other planes of existence. So this course is also interesting for those who work as a psychic, as healers and using their sensitivity for themselves or others.  

Course available in German & English from aprox. Summer 2022 on our course portal Coachy:

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