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Connection to Your Spirit Team - Sitting in the Power


If you would like to practice the connection to your spirit guides I suggest the excerise below. Sit on regular basis with your guides. We call that „sitting in the power“. In comparison to quite meditation is the intent. Your intention of a meditation is to go within, to experience just you and only your field. When we do sitting in the power, we set the intent to connect to spirit.

Exercice for a Sitting in the Power & to Connect to Your Spirit Team

  • Sit in a place where you are comfortable and where it is quiet. Start breathing in your belly and release all tention, by breathing. Only focus on your breath for now.

  • If thoughts or feelings arise, breathe them in and by exhaling, let them go by breathing them out. You might need to do this for a while on a regular basis until your brain starts to learn to get quieter. If noises, thoughts or feelings arise, just gently go back with your attention to your breath and let the thought or feeling pass.

  • Start moving with your awareness into your physical body, start feeling your body. Do a body scan, starting with your feet. Imagine you breathing into your feet, then go on by breathing into your lower leg, upper leg…and you go on until you reach the top of your head. Take then a view breaths into your whole body. Take enough time for this bodyscan where you work yourself up in your body with your breath.

  • Feel the energy in your body now that you built up with your breath and which is now moving in your body. Imaging to sink deeper and deeper with your consciousness and awareness into this energy inside your physical body. Just be there for a moment, observe and breath. If you cannot feel the energy you also can imagine your breating in a colour of your choice while doing the bodyscan and imagine now the colour floating and energizing your body. If you get distracted by thoughts and emotions just go gently back to feeling the energy and your body.

  • Then start expanding the energy or that colour from within your body to ouside your body. Imagine that you create a bubble sorrounding you. Feel how YOU feel in your own energy, in that bubble, before now inviting your spirit guides. Stay there for a moment, take your time to experience how you feel in your body and how you feel as an energetic being.

  • Then invite your spirit guides to join you in your bubble. You dont need to speakt this out loud. Just invite them silently. Let them come in that bubble slowly and aks them to help you to feel the difference in the energyfield in your bubble, when they join you. Ask them then to just be with you, to work on you, send you healing or whatever is right at that moment. Sit for a couple of minutes, observe and enjoy the company.

  • Do this as often as you can. It will help you to develop your energetic field as well it will alter your physical body, your emotional and mental state. Slowly but surely. What is important; Do not expect or wait for someone. If your spirit guides join you, be in the observer role. You dont need to do anything. They do everything at that very moment. You behave as you would listen passively radio. That’s how you want to be in these sittings with your guides, with passion and patience.

  • When this contact has stabilized and the connection to spirit is established, specific topics or questions can later also flow into the sittings. For the first few weeks or months, however, it is beneficial to simply surrender without a specific question or intention.

I hope this guidance help some of you. If you need more guidance or have any question, join my Telegram Group "Development of Multidimensional Consciousness", where we can talk in person and sharing information.



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