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Travelling With My Light Body Through the Cosmos

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Topics in this Blog: Med Bed Session - Portals - Structure of Hybrid Souls - Higher Abilities-Higher Self

I had the pleasure to have a session with Monique Liem. She is a member of our national healingcenter core team in Switzerland and offers med bed sessions, where you would travel with your light body through different kinds of portals to a plejadien ship. The ship lays outside of our solar system, as far as I perceived it. You are travelling with your light body and under guidance of Monique. So, this is not a physical med bed on earth!

I have to say that this was way more than a med bed session. In my case, the name "med bed session" didn`t do justice to what happened there, as there were so much more great things going on...Every session is different Monique states. The med bed, was in my case almost an aside-thing in that session. The experience of going there, receiving some answers and laying in that medical med was great. I was floating in it. But let’s start from scratch. I take you through my whole experience....

Preparation For Going Off World And What You Can Get From It Regarding Higher Abilities

One is prepared before going on this journey. You are able to pick topics and bring questions with you in this session. Then a connection to other realms/dimensions was made, guided by Monique, so you are able to connect consciously to your higher self and the primal source power. Also, your guides and other beings are invited that are important particularly for that session. It´s like pulling the energetic fields and beings to your physical body and into your conscious field, so you are "set" for the session. Your consciousness starts to open up to and for other realms and dimensions. Everyone will experience this part in a different way. For me, that I’m working already deeply with other realms and using altered states of consciousness so to say trance-states to open up my consciousness, this has been another beautiful, deep experience, another travel through the cosmic field. I recommend you are trying to go into a very deep relaxation with the intent to be the observer of everything you see, feel and experience in it. This will also help you to activate your higher abilities like clairvoyance, clairsentience, and others. Because Monique will too, share what she sees and experiences, you even have someone there, that you might find confirmation of what you experience, see and feel, which then might lead again to give you more confidence in your higher abilities and that what you perceive isn`t just fantasy but your higher senses kicking in. Therefore, it might give you trust and a feeling of how your higher abilities work when they kick in. I also did that session not only for me but as a psychic, to be able to share my experience with everyone else, with you. So, everyone interested in such a journey, might be more able to understand better, what these sessions really are about and what you might expect in those, by sharing mine. Every session is different, so your journey won’t be like mine. But I can share what I experienced and saw, so you might get a feeling for it.

The Journey to Space

I closed my eyes and after the preparation, I was guided by Monique through a natural path that finally ended by arriving at the first portal we went through to leave earth. This place we where was a 5th dimensional plane of the earth. So that portal isn´t physically found on our 3- dimensional earth. Well, it is on earth but you won´t be able to recognize it "just like that" with your physical eyes. In that plane and after walking some time on that natural path, we arrived at a portal found there, where you then can travel through with your merkaba and your light body. Because I am clairvoyant, I saw a lot of things which I gladly share with you. The first portal was inside a trunk of a tree. Later, I learned about the portal-tree at the center of what we call earth much later, which totally confirmed what I saw in that session. Back then I wasn´t aware of what I know today, so my view back at this session was absolutely unbiased and not influenced by knowledge I already had. When I say "center of earth" I do not mean within the earth in a center of a round planet. (no I´m not a flat earther but imagine that the earth is much bigger than we think...). So we moved up in that portal-tree, like you are in an elevator. At the end of that portal, we were at the brink of our milky way. We arrived at a second portal, a star portal and traveled through that portal that opens up only if you are granted access. The portal at the brink of the milky way, had beautiful shaped patterns, similar to a flower in vibrant golden-white colors. So we went through that portal which was different to the portals I usually travel. It was special, a dump feeling and it was very quick. It´s a portal that only is appearing, when it should show for someone. It´s a heavily guarded star portal. I could feel the quantum field and how it does feel to be in a space with plasma energy. Because I´ve been in contact and experimenting with plasma energy in trance mediumship, I recognized the quality of this energy immediately. As soon as we got off that portal, I saw a huge ship. I immediately recognized, that we are in a different star system. It was just my innate feeling and knowledge backed up with my clairvoyance that let me know that we have changed star system. Monique often confirmed things in her guidance what I already saw. The whole session was like this. I saw it, felt it or knew it and Monique often then confirmed without her knowing already what I`ve been experiencing. Before we went through that portal, I saw a little ship or let’s say it was more a platform which was the entry to access the star portal we went through. Those platforms do carry a sort of an imprint. If I would translate this into our language, it´s the symbols and numbers to and from a certain portal. Arrived in that other star system and at the entry of a huge ship, the door opened which was huge too with a massive door. The material of the whole ship was dark greyish.. it was almost soft just by looking at the material. A thought came in to my mind, that the ship itself was alive and intelligent. A very special material. It reminded me of that special car lack or painting some cars have, that looks soft, smooth and vibrant at the same time.

Entering the Plejadjan Ship

We were greeted inside by a being that looked like a gorilla. It was blue. Monique told me, that also for the Mayans, it had a special meaning. You can look it up if you search, the blue gorilla. The energy of that gorilla female was welcoming and hearty. She was there to welcome us into the ship. I felt that she is creating an energy that smooths you, that comforts you so much. I could imagine such a being in our healing centers or at least someone that is able to create these comforting fields, when someone arrives in a healing center. What a great inspiration! We started walking through the ship and passed an area, where you already would see many different technologies. I hadn´t even time to look at those but it looked like a giant laboratory. It was very very bright in this laboratory and I saw on my way through it, already many different kinds of med beds and other things. On our way we were greeted by different kinds of beings. They all represented and were related to some of my experience. Not only to my current human life experience. There were some beings reminding me of some things and abilities that were part of me but outside my current conscious field of my human experience. They reminded me of my innate abilities my soul carries and are available to me as an incarnated being as well. This can not only deeply touch you, but it can help you to remember on a very deep level to remember. One little being lead the way. We were trying to talk to him. He told us his name was Hoogie or at least something like this. I could not quit understand very clearly. Some so-called names are very hard to pronounce for us humans. Another aspect of myself showed up and reminded me of my druidic knowledge and my ancient wisdom about herbs. This by the way was a confirmation as this has been shown to me in different other situations already.

Med Bed Room And What Happened There - My Session

We then arrived in the room where my med bed session would take place. There, another aspect of myself showed up. It represented one of my incarnated soul parts. Monique asked her, who she was and she said "I´m representing the aspect of divinity. This divine aspect of myself, which showed herself as a goddess, offered me 3 gifts, seeds so to say, for experimenting and teaching telepathy, levitation and telekinesis on earth. It was said, to only teach to those, ready for this knowledge. The soul aspect, which you could also call your higher self, told me, that I would open up a school to teach all this. I’m already teaching how to be in altered states of consciousness and how to use our higher senses, so this was the continuation of what I already do in my life, which therefore made sense to me. The gifts are working only in a sacred triangle and I thanked the goddess for the sacred seeds. A little devil then showed. He represented my deeper laying impatience and unsatisfaction that I sometimes have in life. It was there for me to look deeply into myself. By connecting to him, I got some recommendations and encouragements about my feelings. So as you see, in this sessions there where parts which totally weren´t related to the med bed but where preparations and spiritual learnings for myself to look into and to reflect on. These where important parts of that session, to also do shadow-work and look at those places within us, we sometimes don´t like to cope with or we are not even really conscious about. This is part of this whole process. The med bed works with you and to your highest good on all levels of your existence. Therefor the spiritual aspect is equally important and that’s why med beds are not for all current people on the earth as not everyone is ready or open to acknowledge, that we are more than just a body with flesh and blood. Not everybody is ready to look within. For those, this med bed journey would not be a good fit. The room itself is helping you to harmonize those aspects in yourself. So the session starts already before you are even laying inside the med bed. The devil, which is just a symbolic picture of some subconscious emotions, told Monique, and I knew that already, that I am able to see through many things because I´m a hybrid. I was always wondering, why my clairvoyance and claircognition works so well after starting my spiritual and psychic journey and I always had this innate feeling; it´s because of my soul’s structure. So, there was the confirmation. The sessions can be confirming for you or they can be eye opening, or both.

A little Excursion about Hybrid Souls

Let me also explain quickly what I meant above by a hybrid soul structure. There are many different kinds of hybrids: there are some, that are artificially bred (and this is not always a benevolent thing), but there are also some like me, that incarnate not only with one soul, but two or even three different soul aspects, that do come together with a specific aim for the certain life here. These kinds of hybrids differ therefore strongly from an artificially bred hybrid-soul as these kinds of hybrids are only called hybrids, because they are in that form "not natural" as it’s a "a thing" to stick 2 or 3 souls from different races or families into one human body. This is not done by nature itself, so to say. These kinds of hybrids are therefore alive with living souls, with a god spark and therefore with a divine connection to source, incarnated and not with an artificial "soul field". I hope that makes sense. There are also hybrids, where the physical body, the baby is artificially made but then connected to a real soul that uses the body to incarnate on earth. There are a lot of different kinds.

Back to the session

A weird being showed up and presented himself as being "my barrier". I cannot share this part in depth, but it has to do with my karmic knowledge, which some beings and races do not want me to realize that I have this knowledge. Part of the understanding here, I understood much later as more pieces of the puzzle were added to understand to whole picture and depth of it. So he is trying to block some knowledge of and this not to my safety or best interest. But as in a higher perspective and consciousness, nothing can be seen as good or bad, black or white, but needs to be just understood in its function. I also have to add here, that some natural barrier is not always a bad thing. The availability of knowledge, has also a lot to do with the maturity of a collective and of the particular individual itself. We can use good for bad, so the maturity needs to be a given so the handling will be to the highest good of a living being. Like it is sometimes done by shamans or people doing energetic clearings, we remove him from the room. As I am working myself in that field, doing clearings, this is easy for me.