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Day workshops &
semi-annual programs

Harmony - Deep Transformation - Transcendence

Spiritual & Psychic Process Days in Switzerland
Day Workshops & Semi-Annual Programs
with Monika Leopold & Anja Steiner


Process work & Development of Consciousness - Discover - Explore - Connect - Transform
Lightness, Harmony & Peace for Body, Mind & Soul
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Depth & Efficiency Through Teamwork

We offer various themed workshops for people who are interested in delving deeper into the earthly & universal consciousness as well as into their own self, into their own perception. We offer 2 orientations: on the one hand for people who are interested in self-awareness and spiritual development and on the other hand for people who want to address their spiritual development coupled with psychic, energetic and sensitive awareness & development.


In our workshops, a holistic approach is generally important to us, so that we immerse ourselves in the perception of the whole existence and also address and integrate the body, the higherself-consciousness and the subconscious field. It doesn't matter whether you bring a special topic with you or whether it's simply about being able to let go and transcend, all your mental, emotional and spiritual baggage; The days with us serve you and your processes. Our workshops and six-month programs take place in small groups so that everyone can feel comfortable and we can provide individual support.  You can find detailed course descriptions under the "individual day workshops" , the "Half-year program Rubin" and the "Half-year program Seraphin" .

Our goal is not to acquire "a more", but
to be with what is there, so you have the space to gain depened insights, and to develop awakende consciousness for your life. We would be happy to invite you to have a preliminary talk with us if you are unsure, have questions or you would simply like to get to know us first.
  Click here to go to the contact form and to book an appointment for a preliminary talk.

Among other things, we both have many years of training in trance mediumship and development of consciousness, each with our own practice and work in our workshops in a complex way, with a lot of heart, passion and our hihger senses like clairvoyance; Human - Heart to Heart - Energetic - Psychic and Sensitive. You will be supported in your being, in your development and where you need it.

We look forward to get to know you 

Yours Monika & Anja
With a Lot of Passion And Heart

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Harmony of body, mind & soul

Transformation & Transcendence

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Up-Building half-year program with

  • 4  Live Day Workshops

  • Social Media Group

  • Zoom Evenings

  • Script

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Up-Building Half-Year Program With

  • 4  Live Day Workshops

  • Social Media Group

  • Zoom Evenings

  • Script

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  • 1 live Day Workshops

  • Social Media Group

  • Small Script

Day Workshops With
Specific Topics



Double Coaching
with Monika & Anja

  • Healing On All Levels

  • We pick You Up Mentally-Emotionally-Energetically-Spiritually

  • Subscription With Discount for Multiple Coaching Sessions

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Self Love - Self Recognition
Self Empowerment

Course Management & Support


Recognize and transform your
Beliefs, patterns & blockages

Book Preliminary Chat

We are happy to offer you a free and non-binding preliminary talk via zoom or telephone. So you can ask open questions about the day workshops & the half-year programs. And of course it gives you the opportunity to contact us first get to know us.

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