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Anja hat mir eine Trance Session gegeben. Dadurch wurde ich in mir wieder Ruhiger. Es hat sich auch ein Problem im Zusammenhang mit einer Schlüssel-übergabe in wohlwollen gelöst. Liebe Anja Ich danke Dir aus tiefster Seele und aus tiefstem Herzen, dass Du in mein Leben gekommen bist und mich in meiner menschlich-, seelisch- und geistigen Entwicklung begleitest. 

— Eveline —

Thank you Anja for this wonderful, soothing massage, gladly again "


— Sybille —




I came a bit exhausted and with a bit tired muscles, left fresh with recharged energy and without any muscle pain!  In between, a lot of work from Anja to slide into a super Aloha rhythm until the end in order to be able to feel all these positive things in my body.


Thanks for this feeling!!!


— Juerg —

Anja gave me a trance session in a private matter. Anja knows nothing about my darkest niches of my soul - my stumbling blocks in my personality development, my imprints, patterns and blockades. Anja and her spiritual team gave me a trance session, which hit me in the deepest part of my soul. She showed and described details - details - connections - and put them together in a way that I understand them and that they support me on my further path or decision. I have received precise instructions where I am challenged in my development - what the challenges mean for me personally - and how I can handle them.


It has been several years since I received such precise coaching for my soul development.

Anja, I thank you from my heart - you are a great Trance Medium!



A little tired, cramped and overworked, I was looking for a moment of relaxation. I definitely found it here. It was wonderfully pleasant to disconnect from everyday life for a moment and enjoy the massage. Thanks very much!

— Daniela —




The massage was amazing! My muscles were very responsive!

— Marianne —


Es war himmlisch meinen Geistführer durch Anja als Trance Medium … hören und mit ihm sprechen  zu können. Während der Session durfte durch das Benennen … seelischer  Verletzungen … so manches in die Heilung gehen. Die Aussage von meinem Geisführer … Du hast nichts falsch gemacht … (fühlte mich oft durch falsches Handeln schuldig) erlebe ich als sehr befreiend. Eine wunderschöne Erfahrung für mich war, die Begegnung mit meinem Geisführer auf Augenhöhe. Die Trance Session durch Anja hat mir so vieles an Liebe, Frieden und Wahrhaftigkeit gegeben. Es war ein heimkommen. Ich fühlte mich durch Anja als Trace Medium sehr geschützt und geborgen.. Danke Anja für dieses Erleben  Ich freue mich schon auf eine weitere Session. Lieben dank Anja

Herzlichen Dank

— Sieglinde —

My three Lomi-Lomi massages were very beneficial for me, relaxing, inspiring, deeply effective...simply wonderful. A very special experience. I will be back dear Anja and I look forward to my next Lomi and to seeing you again! Sincerely Brigitta

— Brigitta —

I didn't know what to expect and just let myself be surprised out of curiosity. I have already experiencde many other massage techniques in the wellness and sports sector.

With Anja, I was able to let go after a very short time, which is thanks to the harmonious atmosphere on site and Anja's nature with her intuitive sense.  I experienced a wonderful and at the same time healing treatment and was able to enjoy it completely. Thank you, I'll be back for sure!


— Joanna —



Sensitive but powerful....... and then light as a feather - I'm looking forward to the next Lomi-Lomi massage !!"

​​​ — Alan —

I heartily recommend Anja. Through her trance healing, she helped me to be able to let go of an ex-partner better. I was able to go back in time with her and see why I am so connected to this person. That helped me to accept this and to classify it correctly in my current life. 

Anja's Lomi Lomi Nui massages are a pleasure for the human soul. You can let yourself go, feel held and strengthened because you can feel how the energy flows better afterwards and a lot can be solved on a physical and other levels of exitence.

Thank you very much


— Sabrina —

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