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Trance is first of all a physical and natural state. It is nothing other than an altered state of consciousness that we either consciously or unconsciously bring about.


We speak of altered states of consciousness when we are not in our everyday consciousness. Examples of this are hypnosis, meditations, daydreaming, and dreaming in sleep, which is an altered state of consciousness as well.


Trance states can be detected in the brain using the brain frequencies. There are scientifically based studies on this.


When we speak of trancemediumship we talk about that in an altered state of consciousness we addionally connect with the spiritual world, the higher self, the divine, another dimension, etc., so something that surrounds us, e.g. and let energy flow via healing or information, so to say, being inspired or receiving healing energy and thus consciously connected to a certain source.

Brain frequency

In our everyday consciousness, our brain mainly produces beta waves, we are "there" and focused. Our brains also produce alpha, theta, delta and gamma waves.


Many children are often in the "alpha state" up to a certain age, in their own world, it is often said. In this awareness we are more creative, dreamy, daydreaming, etc. So we all know these states. Everyone can put themselves in a altered state of consciousness. If you do not do it with intention, then you do this automatically and several times a day in which you "digress" or just daydream. "It runs" when you go jogging for a long time, etc.


But we can also learn trance, to get into an altered states of consciousness with the intention of deliberately sinking into a deeper alpha or theta brain wave range and that without falling asleep. So when we sleep, we tend to produce theta and delta waves more often. This can be practiced and learned without sleeping.


So let's sink now, for example. with meditation, hypnosis or with intention in a trance exercise deeper and deeper, we are, as already mentioned, in the theta wave range. These brain waves are also increasingly produced when we dream at night. So it can open the gate to the supernatural, other dimensions or your higher self of the soul. That is why we deliberately sink into these brainwave frequencies in the trance, because we are so more open to everything outside of flesh and blood. You can imagine it as if you are dreaming, only that you are awake. Your consciousness expands so that you see and experience more than just what is currently going on in 3D.






In the spiritistic trance mediumship, it is also a matter of connecting with spirit beings or certain energies, the akash, the earth, etc. and letting information or healing energies flow through from these levels of dimensions. For a trance state alone, however, no spiritual beings are required. That is why we speak of spiritualistic trancemediumship in this case, when it comes to the connection with beings and energies outside of our conscious self.


When trance mediumship is established and a spiritual development has taken place, a trance medium can also go into a trance, where the medium goes into a gamma wave range. More on that in another post.


Basically, my contributions should be there to educate and inspire about trance states and their phenomena. Down to earth, real and connected to our physical existence.

Spiritual Trancemediumship

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